Hoag 350 Teaching Cart

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38.00 LBS
$40.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

Individually packed. Capacity: 350 balls. 38 lbs. • Best Wheels: 5” durable wheels, bolted on. A solid steel shank eliminates the easily breakable plastic inserts. Ball bearings on axles and casters are sealed to resist dust, dirt and clay. • Easy Assembly: The chrome frame is welded together as one piece, requiring only the basket and handle to be bolted on. Shelf ships already attached. • Durable: Solid one-piece welded frame. Black heavy-duty plastic coated basket and storage tray for holding racquets, lesson books and teaching accessories. Tray is recessed into bottom support arms, eliminating sharp corners and increasing storage capacity. • Racquets can be locked inside cart: handles fit through corner openings. • Foam cushion handle, • Hinged, easy-locking lid


(No reviews yet) Write a Review