How to Install Windscreens

How To Install Windscreens

1. Nine foot windscreens are hung from the top of the chain link fence. The usual fence height is 10

feet, which allows for one foot of air space at the bottom. Six foot windscreens, if used, are placed in

the center of the chain link fence, or two feet from the top.

2. Hang the windscreens so that the seams and hems are toward the fence, leaving the smooth side

facing the court.

3. All grommets must be used to secure the windscreens to the fence. First fasten one vertical edge

at the desired height to the fence using regular (50 lb. breaking strength) Ty-raps. Next fasten top

and remaining side of windscreen to the fence with regular Ty-raps, keeping the top straight by

following the chain link pattern. Then, fasten the bottom with heavy-duty (120 lb. breaking strength) Ty-raps.

4. When high winds are expected, cut Ty-raps from top, sides and center tape. Then roll windscreen

down to the bottom of the fence where the heavy-duty Ty-raps are attached and tie it up to help

prevent wind damage.