How to Prepare Tennis Court for Hurricane Season

How to prepare for Hurricane Season

Hurricanes can pose a real problem for tennis facilities in the southeastern coastal states, including

Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. We

recommend that you take the following steps to prepare for an impending hurricane:

If possible, label, remove and store your windscreen.

If it is not practical to remove your windscreen or you don’t have adequate storage, cut the tyraps

along the top and bottom of the windscreen, roll your windscreen to the middle of the

fence and fasten with rope. This will reduce the stress on your tennis fencing.

Order plenty of extra windscreen ty-raps, fastening rope and snaps.

Remove all tennis nets

Remove all loose court benches and chairs from cabanas or viewing areas

Remove all court equipment from fences (liners, squeegees, etc.)